• Posted on: 20/11/2023
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In late 2023 the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment sought feedback on policy that will set the direction and pace of change for energy in New Zealand. The consultation covered:

  • A plan for managing the gas industry’s transition to a low emissions future
  • The Interim Hydrogen Roadmap, which sets out the Government’s initial views on the future role of hydrogen in New Zealand
  • Regulations to enable offshore renewable energy development
  • Market measures to ensure electricity is affordable, reliable and resilient as New Zealand transitions to an expanded and more renewable electricity system
  • Hw to implement the Government’s commitment to ban new fossil fuel baseload electricity generation.

The PSA's submission on the consultation covered the following areas:

  • Support for a transition away from fossil fuels in favour of renewable energy
  • Workforce recommendations to create good, green jobs that are highly skilled, highly paid, provide career pathways for the most disadvantaged groups, and contribute to a just transition for people whose current work is affected by climate change or by our climate mitigation actions  
  • Public delivery of renewable energy infrastructure, rather than a model of  relying on private sector investment and/or contracting out delivery to the private sector for profit
  • Equitable, affordable energy supply available universally without putting people into, or exacerbating, material hardship
  • Transitioning away from fossil fuels in over 750 public sector facilities including schools, hospitals and public buildings
  • Ensuring public funding for renewables is used to enhance the wellbeing of New Zealanders and not just subsidies extra profit for investors
  • Support for community level renewable energy.

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