• Posted on: 23/04/2024
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 The Fast-Track Approvals Bill was introduced in early 2024. It sets up a decision-making process to facilitate the delivery of infrastructure and development projects with significant regional or national benefits.

The PSA’s submission strongly opposed the Bill, as it would hand over discretionary decision-making power to a small group of ministers to decide both what enters the fast-track process and what the final result will be, with the power to ignore expert advice and override existing environmental law.

 The PSA submitted that the Bill is an unjustified threat to New Zealand’s natural environment, raising the prospect that development projects with significant adverse impacts can proceed against the evidence and without adequate controls or oversight. The Bill would enable projects to be effectively rubber-stamped even if they would be (or have already been) declined under other legislation due to their environmental impacts.

 While the PSA strongly opposes the Bill, our opposition is in no way a reflection on the hard work of those public servants involved in developing it.

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