• Posted on: 30/01/2023
  • Less than a minute to read

The Budget Policy Statement sets out the Government’s priorities for the 2023 Budget.

In our submission the PSA said that, overall, we support the objectives and areas of focus that the Government set out in its Budget Policy Statement. But we are not convinced that the Government intends to invest sufficiently to meet these goals, and we encourage the Government to take a bolder fiscal approach to invest in the public services and public infrastructure needed.

We recommended that the Government:

  • include a greater focus on reducing inequality
  • focus more on ensuring people have good work: work that enhances the mana of workers, affords good pay and conditions, and where both employers and employees are treated with respect and dignity
  • provide fair increases in public sector wages to help public and community service workers meet the increased cost of living
  • make our tax system fairer to fund much-needed public services and infrastructure
  • respond to the cost of living crisis by ensuring people have access to public services and a safety net, not by pulling back on adequately funding public services.


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