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The role of Delegates

A Delegate is a union member who is elected to represent and assist the PSA members in their workplace.

Key parts of their role include:

  • Building the union’s influence at work
  • Representing collective views of members in the workplace
  • Building relationships with members, fellow Delegates, and management
  • Recruiting new members
  • Supporting PSA members and keeping them up to date with union news
  • Working with PSA Organisers (Union Officials) to advance PSA strategy
  • Helping resolve workplace problems
  • Involving members in workplace decisions
  • Facilitating union meetings
  • Connecting to wider Delegate networks.


Infographic of the delegate education pathway. Stage 1 pre-work, stage 1 building productive workplaces, stage 2 enhancing workplace relationships, Maranga Mai mō ngā Whakangunguā-rohe for Rūnanga and Hinonga Māngai Māori delegates, and specialised training.Skills for Delegates

Click on the Delegate education pathway graphic to open as a PDF.

The PSA invests in skill-development that cover things such as:

  • Building productive and positive workplaces
  • Employment legislation
  • Significance of the Treaty of Waitangi in workplace relations
  • Collective bargaining.

Our courses also develop and enhance transferable skills and knowledge such as problem-solving, facilitation, time-management and relationship building.


The Delegate’s term

The PSA cannot function without good organisation in the workplace and Delegates are crucial to facilitating this organisation and engagement.

Delegates are elected by PSA members following procedures specified in the PSA Rules. They serve two-year terms but can stay on for longer. PSA has many long-serving Delegates, and we are proud to be able to recognise their efforts through long-service awards and also through initiatives such as the Delegate Achievement Award and the Marlene Pitman Award.


How do I become a Delegate?

There are a couple of steps to becoming a Delegate.

First steps

  • Talk to your Organiser / other Delegates about the role
  • Put your name forward for the role (or have a colleague put your name forward with your agreement)

Delegate nomination

Then, you need to be nominated as a Delegate (this often happens at Annual Members’ Meetings on a biennial basis). For your workplace nomination, you’ll need:

  • ONE PSA member to nominate you
  • ONE PSA member to second that nomination
  • This cannot be the same person!

You will need to fill in the Delegate nomination form below.

If you need help with any part of this process, please contact your Organiser, or email


Delegate nomination forms

Fill in the appropriate PDF form to print or email:

If you use a printed form, make sure it has been signed and seconded, and emailed to or post to PSA, PO Box 3817, Wellington, 6140.


Tools for Delegates

We have some online tools for you to use – view your collective, see PSA member benefits, and more!


MyPSA is a member-only section of the PSA website.

You’ll need your membership number to access it.

The PSA Members App

  • You can access MyPSA from your phone too by downloading the PSA Members App.
  • CLICK HERE for more information about how to download and access the PSA Members App.


Got questions?

Do you still have questions? We’re here to help.

Contact your Organiser or contact our advice and support centre Te Roopu Tohutohu Manaaki, phone 0508 367 772, or email


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